About Our Organization

So who are we?

We’d describe ourselves as a small group of dedicated volunteers, rescuers and business professionals with a common bond: to help as many dogs and cats as is humanly possible.

We are also friendly and approachable! 

The Humane Society of Union County is a 501C3 nonprofit organization. We are funded solely through the generosity of your contributions and receive no federal or local funding.

Let’s clear up any confusion. We are NOT the county shelter.

We are a foster-based, no-kill organization. We are not part of Union County Animal Services.

One of our primary goals has always been to rescue dogs and cats from the Animal Services. These are animals who have been picked up on the road, or surrendered by their owners for no reason other than that they were no longer wanted.

We do not have a physical building or shelter to house animals. We rely on the kind hearts of foster families to provide a home environment until forever homes are found.

Rather than just band-aid the animal overpopulation, we did something about it.

In 2011, the Monroe Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic was opened by the Humane Society of Union County. Our veterinarians are licensed by the state of North Carolina, and provide a vital service to the community. Thousands of surgeries each year at very affordable pricing is preventing many more thousands of unwanted litters of dogs and cats.

Since 2015 our clinic began offering additional wellness services to clients including vaccinations, microchipping, and preventatives for fleas, ticks and heartworms.

Our clinic is greatly in need of expanded space to service the overwhelming demand for services; to that end, our “Raise the Ruff” campaign has raised more than half the funds for a larger clinic.


Mail: 4015 Waxhaw Hwy., Monroe NC 28112


FAX: 704-292-1007

4015 Waxhaw Hwy (Hwy 75), Monroe, NC 28112

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