Special Needs Fund

Our Special Needs Fund is what sets us apart from other shelters. We want to give every animal the same opportunity to thrive in a loving home. Animals who are injured, sick, or in need of rehabilitation benefit from the Special Needs Fund, providing both emergency care and long-term rehabilitation for those that are Injured, abused, abandoned and neglected. 

Some of what the fund provides is emergency surgery, medications, behavioral assistance, and much more!

100% of the funds donated to Special Needs go to help the most vulnerable animals in the shelter. Please consider giving the gift of a second chance and donate today!

Just a few special needs success stories!


Gunner was found hiding under someone’s shed. He was shot at close range with a bird shot and had a dislocated hip that needed an FHO surgery. He was only around a year old at the time we found him. We of course got his wounds all cleared up and he had the FHO surgery.


Jerry was saved from a live on a chain. When found he was emaciated weighing only 23lbs (should be around 35-40lbs), he couldn’t keep any food or water down, even the tiniest amounts. Jerry was infested in fleas that were eating his skin up and he’s also a strong Heartworm positive. Once Jerry puts on weight, he will begin Heartworm treatment.


Of course, there’s Peaches too.  We did every possible test imaginable on her, X-rays, Ultrasound, exploratory surgery. And now being treated for the dry form of FIP. 


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